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Finally! Transparent Risks.

No more risk chaos! With rismo to the perfect risk overview.

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From 0 to 100 - by the push of a button.

With numbers, data and facts. Comprehensive, reproducible and precise.

Intelligent und intuitive

User-friendly is not just an empty phrase for us. With us, you are the focus: Easily, intuitively and quickly register, compare and evaluate potential risks on your own - supported by the latest technology and our unique know-how.

Statistic data base

Benefit from meaningful values from our extensive data collection from the past 20 years. Easily compare your data and risk potential with well-founded statistical facts. In this way, you always know exactly where your company is in respect of risk.

Clear results

We present your entire risk portfolio in a transparent, comprehensible and uniform way. Results cannot be polished or nicely shaped here. Because our motto is: Statistics instead of "stomach  feeling". That saves time, money and nerves in the long run.

Accepted by insurers

Well-known insurers trust the clear results and holistic recommendations for action from rismo. Because: The correct disclosure and assessment of circumstances and risks is essential so that you are properly insured in case of a claim.

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From risk experts
for risk experts

However you have managed your risk up to now. rismo revolutionizes your risk management and makes it much easier for you. With rismo you work intuitively instead of laboriously trained. You concentrate on your company-specific data. We guarantee know-how, expertise and common sense. In this way, you receive the most individual, comprehensive and precise risk presentation by the push of a button.

We stand for qualitative risk management in perfection. With quick and flexible data changes. No metter in which branch you work. No metter what is teh size of your company. You get clear results that cannot be "nicely shaped". By the wish, reports in your corporate design can be done as well.

Tailor-made doesn't have to be complex.

No matter, which Branch. We revolutionize your risk management.

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