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Enter. Evaluate. Act.

rismo presents fast and easy your risk transparently, clearly and precisely.

rismo performs every Risk Management.

Efficient, effective and compliant with standards.

staistical basic data

are based on rismo and guarantee profound comparison

easy appliance

Register and evaluate risks easily, intuitively and quickly


recommended by experts (and independently certified)


presentation of all registered risks on "Heatmap"

communication tool

between risk manager and client- clear and comprehensive

detailed reporting

automatically, clearly and quickly by push of a button

GDPR compliant

rismo complies with all valid GDPR regulations

norms & IDD conform

ISO 31000, ONR 41000 &
Insurance Distributors Direktive


Available in many different languages

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rismo basic module

rismo stands for the best usability: simple operation ensures quick and safe risk categorisation, clear presentations provide a quick and comprehensive overview.

Statistical Database
Presetting of the operational risk class per type of operation and presetting of the average expected probability of occurrence as well as the expected extent of loss based on the NACE code.

Management Dashboard (extra charge)
Find out the overall performance of the analysis activities. Comprehensive information on different question chapters and measurement of overall risk potential – Coming Soon

NATKAT-Data presetting
Presetting of natural hazard risks based on available GEO information (address or GEO code) – Coming Soon

Customized Report (extra charge)
Report adapted to the customer's wishes with logo and branding directly for printing or sending via PDF

VIP Support 

  • Customer portal with ticket system (for IT improvement)
  • Annual workshop in connection with rismo 3h

Assessment Information 
Editable assessment information for individual and detailed assessment supplementation. The standardised information assits the assessment evaluation.

Unbelievable easy to use

rismo stands for the best usability: the simplest operation guarantees a quick and reliable risk categorization, clear representations provide a quick and comprehensive overview. A transparent structure tree next to a visual heatmap creates clarity by the push of a button.

rismo supports your risk management exactly where you need it. It adapts flexibly to the needs of every company and does not forget even the smallest aspect. Because: Every component is of the greatest importance for holistic risk management.

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