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From risk managers for risk manager

The hands-on software that combines common sense, expertise and experience.

From practice,
for the practice.

We promise: We don't give you any work, we do the work for you. Leave the background work to us. We collect data, ensure you have absolutely up-to-date risk management software and create a strong foundation for holistic risk management.

You only need to enter your specific data in self-explanatory tables. The result: a holistic risk assessment. Reliably and quickly. Uncompromising and precise.

More comfort,
more safety.

Risk management means creating a comfort zone! Whether industrial company, food trade or technology group. No matter which branch you are in. With passion and common sense, we bring more comfort to your risk management.

Leave the vision to us. Because we know which informations  are relevant for you and how you can get your tailor-made risk portfolio.

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